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He knows me
as he tears away
the cobwebs that cocoon my body

He drank with his lips - such luscious lips
my stagnation in my hermitage
and on his lips - those painful lips
did he confess of caverns found and voided
       with the wisdom of a fool
and I such maiden
       from the belly of a rib
to be mongst the letters
whose seals are knifed off with lips, ethereal lips.
Seals that are meant to encase and spell,
       more than just mere letters,
        from lips, godless lips,
that do tell upon the gossiping windless air
And shall my breath
        reveal my hick,
be my hex, the curse of surrender
        as my contentment
        be my most disquieting of times.
Most turbulent for fear
        that there be more
        holes into which the ball (golf, perhaps)
        may fall into.
More blankness, loss trials
(thus the first accomplishment mean less than the last)
I dare wish be last,
        yet dare wish be nay
For I say nay to contentment,
         to the prospect of our covenant
I say nay, but I mean ay
thus I say I am woman
and being such
         entitle myself
to become capricious.
I wrote this on the first of October this year. Take it as the title says, its a poem for no one. I have no idea what made me write this, something was bothering me and I can't fall asleep, so I ended up writing some jibberish on my diary. This is it.
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December 1, 2005
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